Sticky Finger's Kali-Pi


Kali Linux ISO image for the GPD Pocket.
The ultimate 7″ pocket rocket just got better – with the one and only Kali Linux image available for this marvel.


Parrot OS ISO image for the GPD Pocket.

Re4son-Kernel for Raspberry Pi 1/2/3/Zero/Zero W

The one to rule them all.

Re4son-Kernel for Oneplus 2

The one to make Nethunter shine on your Oneplus 2 with LineageOS


Kali Linux distribution optimized for Raspberry Pi.
Available as Vanilla Kali-Pi or Sticky Fingers Kali-Pi with touch interface for small TFT screens.


Kali-Pi accessory for any smartphone, rooted or non-rooted.
Ideal for the casual hack on the go.

Kali-Pi Images

Pre-installed Kali-Pi images can be used with Sticky Fingers interface or without.

Kali-Pi Menus and features

Explanations and configuration options of the menu items and other tips and tricks.

Damn Vulnerable Pi  (DV-Pi)

The red-headed stepsister of Kali-Pi comes with vulnerabilities to exploit.


Place to discuss all of the above.