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    Sticky Fingers Kali-Pi supports bonjour under the name “kali-pi.local”, but it has to be enabled first.

    To enable it, create a file called “avahi” in the “/boot” partition. Boot up your pi and you can connect to it using the name “kali-pi.local”.

    I recommend disabling the avahi-daemon after you’ve set up network, via:

    systemctl disable avahi-daemon && systemctl stop avahi-daemon

    You can always enable it again by creating /boot/avahi if needed.

    Sticky Fingers runs a service called “avahiswitch”, that checks for the file /boot/avahi and, if present, enables and starts the avahi-daemon and then deletes /boot/avahi. This comes in handy for the initial, headless setup of your Kali-Pi if you connect to it via ethernet gadget or network cable using dhcp.

    If you don’t need the “avahiswitch” service, just disable it via:

    systemctl disable avahiswitch

    The source code for the service can be found here:

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