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      Hello there, I’m trying to install kali linux pocket on my gpd. So, I download the .iso file, I follow this guide to mount it on a usb stick (, after that I boot my gpd with the usb stick in it and pressing f7.
      The problem is that after selecting UEFI setup I just have the following prompt:

      Press ESC in 4 seconds to skip, any other key to continue

      And then it stops. What am I doing wrong? I was thinking that maybe the iso download is corrupted but I can’t find the gpg publick key of Re4son…how can I verify the iso?

      P.S same result with using unetbootin to mount the iso into the usb stick…

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      When you press F7 you are not selecting the USB stick you are instead selecting “UEFI setup”. You need to select the USB Stick that has the Kali ISO on it. I recommend using (no sponsor or malware) just works on Windows every time, i found unetbootin flaky.

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