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    recently found this version of Kali Linux and managed to set it up so far. Touch screen and everything is working. Now I have one problem: I can’t switch back to HDMI.

    When I press X on HDMI in the Sticky fingers menu it boots up the normal desktop on the touch display, the same like it does when I press X on TFT. Which is kinda problematic, as I want to work with the GUI to do some network settings. And that’s impossible on my wave35 screen.

    Any way to get back to HDMI for a short while or to fix that X on HDMI button?

    Using a Raspberry Pi 3B+

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    I am having the same exact issue. It was working fine the other day and now all of a sudden is not switching to HDMI. The only change I did recently was update the kernel because it was not displaying the sticky fingers menu on the pi screen on boot.

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