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      Firstly thanks for all the work on this. It’s absolutely brilliant to be able to run Kali on the GPD pocket 🙂

      I’ve configured my GPD pocket dual boot with Windows. Latest current kernel and Kali updated.

      The problem is it won’t boot at all into either OS if power is connected.

      When I turn on it comes up with the GPD in the middle of the screen then nothing – no grub menu. If I disconnect power it’s fine – grub comes up and I can boot into either OS. Once in Windows I can then connect power and it will charge (or will charge if turned off completely) – but won’t charge in Kali (as per known issue I guess). Not the end of the world but means I have no way of running Kali except on battery.

      So looks like grub doesn’t like it when power is connected either. FYI power is provided via USB-C charger (UK version not original).

      I’ve not yet obtained a USB-C adapter to try that – will get one from Amazon next week.



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      Hi Brian,

      you can install the latest 4.16.0 kernel. That one already supports plugging in the charger while it’s running.
      Touch is rotated 90 degrees after the latest gnome-shell upgrade but I’m working on a fix for that.

      Hope that helps,

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