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      Hello to everyone from the Re4son team,

      I am trying to set a LUKS encryption for Kali Raspberry Pi and having lot of troubles. I followed these two tutorials, that have some differences between them:

      The kali docs seem more updated. But doing the steps like that, I am not able to have the Pi booting correctly. Finally patched here, workaround there, deal manually with partitions… I arrived to this point advised in the Tothi’s tutorial:

      The first boot process will fail und fallback into busybox. Enter the following commands:

      # cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/mmcblk0p2 crypt_sdcard
      ## provide password
      # exit

      Your device should boot now. Login with the password you’ve chosen earlier and run:

      mkinitramfs -o /boot/initramfs.gz

      And finally being able to login…but the system appears in “read only”.

      Finally doing something that canot exactly remember, I managed to boot to the LUKS passphrase prompt. But now at this point cannot login because doesnt recognizes the password. I think Im in the way to finally solve it… hopefully I can just change the LUKS passphrase manually.

      What I want to ask, to clarify myself and maybe try to find my mistake, is which Re4son module to select for regenerating the initiramfs.
      In the Kali Docs tutorial says:

      root@kali:/# ls -l /lib/modules/ |awk -F" " '{print $9}'

      And then execute:

      mkinitramfs -o /boot/initramfs.gz 4.9.59-Re4son-Kali-Pi+

      In my image, instead of only one listed module, I have several different modules:

      # ls -l /lib/modules/ |awk -F" " '{print $9}'

      I used the first one. It is correct? Do I need to choose any other one? Maybe any other one fixes better for this purpose?

      It would be great to have an updated tutorial about this LUKS feature.
      You cannot imagine how many time I got staked on this…
      Thanks in advance.

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