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      Ive tryed to istall stkicky fingers on a pi 3+ touch screen. No luck. Havent get touch panels going. Try the fixes. This one ive been trying forever. To duel boot. First error is the bcmr driver do i have disk. I see the file have it. dont know how to get it to see it. Then the pationiong hets me i gparted 30gb to use 22 gb are ext4 free.. then 8 swap. Tryed a few ways. Evertime. Debootsrarp error. Codename fail. Yes im a noob i dont det how to fix the scripts. Its a brand new gpd pocket. The premade re4son kali should just install from the one download. theres no screen to choose like sticky. If you know the bug installing your kali on gpd pocket and how to fix it please fix it for us idiots. Your instructins 1. Download 2. Write to usb 3. Hold f7 4. Install 5. Reboot. 6 enjoy. That doesnt work. What when yoir making partitions and it cant inform kernal. What aboit dhcp config error. Itd be sweet if it worked. Why make a whole page to install somewere you know were it goes in program put it in there. Thank you

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