New Kernel for Raspberry Pi and any TFT, incl. wifi injection patch

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      Hi all,

      I’ve finally gotten around to recompiling the Adafruit PiTFT kernel with the wifi injection patch and some tweaks from the kali linux kernel.

      The new package is available from:

      [3-May-2016 Update: New and improved Pi2 & 3 kernel]
      [8-May-2016 Update: New and improved Pi2 & 3 kernel]

      just apply it the same way you applied the original one as per the blog:

      The original kernel without the wifi injection patch can be found here:

      All Re4son kernels for the Rasperry Pi with changelogs and kernel configs can be found here:

      The version ending with “current” is a copy of the latest kernel package and should be used to link to.

      Have fun with it,

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      Hi all,

      New kernel released:

      I am no longer using the Adafruit repo for my builds but moved to my own, updated it, fixed some bugs and added some features:

      – kernel version 4.1.21
      – no more DMA errors
      – lightning fast
      – kali-pi boot logo
      – support for TFT displays by Adafruit, Elecfreaks, Sainsmart, Waveshare, etc.
      – as always, it comes with wifi injection patch

      The kernel source can be found here:

      Have fun with it,

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      Hello Re4son,
      great that builded the new kernel! congratulations..
      i tried to install the new kernel as you recommend but i failed several times,
      only getting one “allmost hit” by editing /boot/config.txt changing line:

      dtoverlay=pitft35r,rotate=90,speed=42000000,fps=20 to

      but i needed to startx after reboot and got a not really working desktop..
      do you have any suggestions?

      do you think it is possible to integrate your kernel into the procedure wich n0b0dy recommended at the comments?
      i already got kali running due that method but don’t know how to do that with your kernel.
      thnx so much, all the best!

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      Hi rtng,

      glad you like the kernel. It should make your Pi run much smoother.
      The kernel package only contains driver support and the required overlays but the configuration still has to be done manually according to this guide:

      I am currently working on a universal helper tool that will perform all these things automatically. Give me a few days and it should support waveshare screens.

      Please let me know how you go with the new kernel and the guide for manual configuration.

      Many thanks,

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      Hi Re4son,

      many thanks for the wonderful guide!

      I have just one question about:
      “wifi injection patch”
      is related to the default Raspberry Pi 3 BCM43438 WiFi chip that does not support monitor mode or to the external TP-Link TL-WN722N?

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        Hi Andrew,

        the patch is not specific to any hardware, but you would struggle to get anything meaningful done with the internal wifi chip. It’s not really versatile enough.
        That’s ok though because you want to have two adapters anyway – 1 for you to connect to so you can ssh into it, and 1 to work with.

        I hope that helps,

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      Hey awesome work!!
      Any chance to get a 5″ waveshare hdmi display working with this?

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      Hi BX,

      now problems, just install the kernel and run

      ./re4son-pi-tft-setup -t wave32 -u /root

      Download this:
      and save as /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/99-fbturbo.conf

      Download this:
      and save as /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/99-calibration.conf

      That should do the trick.

      Please let us know how you go,

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      now the font looks different but i still have white lines on the right side
      and it hangs while booting
      last line shown is:
      OK started load/save rf kill switch status

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      Try this:

      download and save as /boot/config.txt

      That should make a difference.

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      Hey thanks for your help but it still doesnt boot.
      now its saying:
      wi_master_driver w1_bus_master1: family 0 for 00.800000.8c is not registered
      wi_master_driver w1_bus_master1: family 0 for 00.400000.46 is not registered
      wi_master_driver w1_bus_master1: family 0 for is not registered
      and so on

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      I got it allmost to work..

      after installing the kernel just placing the 3 files config.txt/99-calibration.conf/99-fturbo.conf into the right places (without the tft setup)
      now it boots in the right resolution (no black border and white stripes)
      but now it fails to start the xserver.

      i forgot to say i am using a pi 3 b and the kali 2.1.2 raspberry image.
      and i just need the screen, touch whould be nice but is not really needet.

      The funny thing is that i was thinking if i should buy a 3,5 or the 5″ display
      now i have the 5″ but it shows only ~3,5″ …

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      Awesome work bro!! The guide is like makes this like childs play! I have a small question (maybe a feature request?). Is it possible to to use 2 monitors IE PiTFT and HDMI?

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