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      I have a NexDock. You may or may not know what that is.

      Essentially, think of it as a shell for a Pi, smartphone or a way to have dual monitors for your laptop.

      It has a keyboard and touchpad that are connected via bluetooth. If they’re not working the shell is useless, unless of course one has a USB Wired/Wireless Mouse and keyboard…

      Using your “current stable” kernel, I was able to solve the bluetooth pairing issue. However, as soon as I reboot the NexDock the pairing/connection is lost.

      I tried creating a cron job, but that didn’t work.

      Any ideas how can I fix this issue?

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      Hi cyb3rp1,

      Any hints in the log files?
      What happens if you add a little delay in your cron job to make sure that bluetooth is truly up and running by the time you are trying to connect.
      Does it connect when you run “echo “connect MACADDRESSOFNEXDOCK” | bluetoothctl” manually after a reboot?

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        What would really help is if the top panel actually had a bluetooth icon. Then one could see if bluetooth is enabled or not. It appears Kali developers missed the mark on this Pi 2/3 image.

        It’s pairing now though, so that’s one less issue.

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        It has been a few years. Can remind me what we you told me the last time to fix this issue? I see my comment, but it’s not jogging my memory right now.

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        Never mind, I figured it out. It is all about creating a cron job.

        sudo crontab -e
        @reboot sleep 5 && /bin/echo -e ‘connect XX:XX:XX:XX:XX \n quit \n’ | bluetoothctl

        Thanks anyway!

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      Silly me, I was making a typo.

      @reboot echo “connect MACADDRESSOFNEXDOCKKEYBOARD” | bluetoothctl

      (I failed to put connect MACADDRESSOFNEXDOCKKEYBOARD in quotes.)

      It works now.

      However, I still have an issue. There is no sound…

      With the latest Raspbian image I had none of these issues. Using this Kali Arm image, I’ve had multiple issues. :/

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      I have tried it by installing pre configured image of kali linux on my raspberry pi 3 having waveshare 3.2 inch lcd. But it shows only white screen.

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      i’ve bought rii mini i8+, i’ce successfully connected to kali pi but the rii touchpad doesn’t work and the key of keyboard is not configured; for example if i press u it write 4… how can i do?

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      Ok. I decided I wanted to update my Pi 3. Disaster. It’s not working. In fact, I can’t find an image that does work. Including The ARM images currently offered by offensive security. Vers. 2020.1a.

      The OS seems to load, but the keyboard doesn’t work, nor does the touch pad. Basically, I can’t do anything without them.

      Can anyone offer some ideas here? I’d really like to get my Pi 3 working again.

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