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      Hi all,
      could someone help me with the setup of a Pimoroni Hyperpixel4 mounted on a RPI model 3b, please?
      I tried to install all the needed drivers through curl from Pimoroni github on the Kali Linux official ARM image for RPI 2/3 with no success (i can install the drivers but at the end it warns me about the fact that kind of installation is “experimental”, in fact i was unable to use the touch function).
      I sadly found out that the Hyperpixel4 is not in the supported screens’ list (reallu don’t know why) of the Sticky Finger’s Kali Pi image so I really don’t know what to do now.
      Anyone can help me in running Kali with this kind of touch screen?

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      Working on it as we speak 🙂

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      Thank You.Hope You can release instructions very soon.

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      Finished. Thanks for hanging in there.

      To get it running:
      1. Install the latest kernel:

      2. Run “kalipi-tft-config” and select “update”

      3. Run:

      cd /home/pi/Kali-Pi
      git pull
      vi menu

      Select “7.0” as screen size and screen type “5”

      That should get you running in no time.

      Hope that helps and please let me know how your go,

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      Thank You so much for yr.work and for yr.time.
      I’m using the Sticky Fingers preloaded image, do You think it is possible to update the kernel from that or it is better to reinstall all over again?


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      hereby to inform You finally it works! I started following the instructions above but after reboot it won’t switch to the Hyperpixel.
      I had to use the kalipi-tft-config wizard, choosing the Hyperpixel4 as screen and it finally starts….
      Thank you again for yr.job.

      P.s.: after the kernel upgrade, I’m experiencing some issues with the kali apt update..can you help me about that?

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      Need help!
      The HP4 works well but still have issues with windows: just can’t see the bottom of some windows (like Network Connections configurations GUI) and the Panel windows too.
      But most important If i try to get an apt upgrade I ended up on a total black screen after reboot, instead no issues with apt-get update.
      Could someone pls help me on this?

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