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      I have a 3.5 size tft, when i change the screen size settings, certain things are too big for the screen. For example, the console is auto sized to fit screen, but then you cant see everything, it wraps around. so if opening kalipi-config, i can only see the bottom of it and there’s no way to move the window around to see it all unless i ssh in. i recently changed the screen size to 2.8 in settings, and can see alot more of it, nut still not all.

      Another issue i see, is when i vnc thru pc, it doesn’t auto config the session to my laptop screen size, and everything is too small. This doesn’s happen when switching to hdmi in the sticky fingers menu.

      Lastly, I am trying to find a way to make it show on my 1.44 waveshare tft with joystick and buttons combo. I have tried setting up via the scarce instructions online with no success. i want to add it to the kalipi-tft-config in my personal version so i can easily select it once option is configured properly.

      Thanks for all your prior assistance,
      Blackk. aka “gh0st1nth3m4ch1n3” (on your github)

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