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      Hi Everyone
      First of all im sorry for my bad english, im learning.
      Im working on a kali project with a parspberrypi4 and a 3.5 TFT Waveshade inch lcd V.B
      in future id’like to add an internal battery and buy a allin1 bluetooth mouse and keyboard.
      If you know of some project like that you can suggest me important sources.
      for the moment im using ssh connection only. because im not able to get working in other way
      I’ve bought a raspberrypi4 and a 3.5 inch lcd but i cannot make it working together.
      i’ve tried a lot of images Kali 2020.2, 2019.3 and the last StickyFingers-Kali-Pi-armh (https://whitedome.com.au/re4son/sticky- … led-image/) that seems to work but i cannot find a proper way.

      I know im doing something wrong because before applying settings to the rp4 i put the lcd on the board.
      that’s because im not able to get the board working form start with the lcd installed on it… 🙄 🙄

      I commonly flash the image into the sd
      put inside the raspberry
      open ssh connecction
      followed the guide i’ve posted before
      i’ve also setup my lcd with
      Code: Select all

      (Waveshade lcd 3.5 (B)) trought the setup menu.
      and when i press reboot command like in all the case i’ve tried the raspberry is refusing ssh connection and the lcd stays black. 😳

      Then need to remove the lcd to get again an ssh connection, or flash a new image.
      Followed a lot of video and guides, but none of this works

      I know i am so noob and first-experience user with raspberry world. Fresh registred im asking your help if someone have arleady installed a kali version using
      a rpi4 with that lcd, im looking for a kali image working with that lcd.
      Can you raccomand a good tft ldc working with pi4 and kali?
      Is normal that my rp4 is refusing ssh connection while the lcd is on? Do you sugget to return the lcd and buy another model?

      I am so confused, i hope there’s a savior over here

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