Reboot problem + timezone reset after miraculous reboot

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      Good evening,

      My issue is the following :

      I can change the time without problem on restart with kalipi-config and ntpdate but before installing the kali-linux-all pack.

      But as soon as I install the kali-linux-all pack and change the time after installing it.

      Well there I can no longer restart kali linux, it freezes at startup after the command line “random cng init done”


      And even when I manage to restart as best I can and the time to change

      I don’t understand why the pack changes the time when I had set it correctly.

      After a miraculous reboot the time returned to February 14, 2019 and the date and time language in the upper right became bizarre.

      I’m totally overwhelmed and I’ve been looking for a solution for days.

      Thank you

      A +

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