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      Hi Re4son,

      First, thanks for your great work. You are giving us such an easier life with Kali with your kernel, and the pi-tail is a great idea for my user case scenario of working with no computer.

      I’ve been trying the pi-tail pre made image on my pi zerow. It is working properly on every type of connection.
      However, i’ve tryed to plug my trusty WL-722N v1 on a usb host converter, as I’ve been doing for month. I get a kernel error:

      ath: phy0: Mac Chip Rev 0x0f.3 is not supported by this driver
      ath: phy0: Unable to initialize hardware; initialization status: -95

      The same hardware works on Kali-pi with the same re4son kernel version (.59), on the same hardware and on my pi 3 with the same card.

      I also like to swap my sd card in my pi 3 for enhanced cpu power. With the pi-tail, i get no usb support on pi 3. Lsusb is blank as is the system log, for any hardware. No usb is registering. It is working properly on normal re4son images.

      Could you please confirm that you can get you wl-722n v1 working on pi-tail on your side?

      Also do you have any idea why the usb support for pi 3 is missing when it is existing in normal re4son kali pi zerow images?

      Thanks for your help


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      Hi Hugo,

      Thanks for your kind words. I much appreciate it.

      Comment out the line “dtoverlay=dwc2” in “boot/config.txt”. That should make all your problems go away.

      I’ve enabled this driver for mass storage and ethernet gadget mode.
      The downside is, that it doesn’t play nice with some usb network adapters.

      I hope that helps. Please let me know how you go.
      Many thanks,

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      That was it.

      Thanks a lot!


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